Average Cost of Moving a Piano

Hiring professional movers will ensure that your prized possession is safely transported and handled with care, but it will also come at a hefty price tag. Suppose you decide to do the move yourself or find cheaper alternatives. In that case, there are many other costs associated with picking up and dropping off your piano, as well as any extra fees for transportation if needed. In this article, we’ll discuss all these factors in detail before giving our opinion on whether hiring professional movers is worth the expense! The average cost of moving a piano can be challenging to figure out, so we’re here to help.

Hire Professionals

Moving a piano is always a challenging project- one that requires professional assistance and thorough planning. Consider hiring movers as well as using the help of professionals to move the piano pieces. Pianos are large and heavy, weighing anywhere between 300 and 1,000 pounds.

Moving a small piano is feasible when professionals are involved. The process becomes much more difficult when moving a grand piano, especially if it has to go up and around stairs or tight corners.

There is no need to hire professionals when you’re moving a piano on your own. The trick to do so is careful planning and help from friends. It is recommended that you hire professionals to move it for you. Hiring professionals with experience in moving pianos is essential for any piano moves – their knowledge and skills make all the difference.

If you can afford to hire a professional, it’s best to do so for moving your piano. You should also prepare properly and take steps to avoid injury or damage during the move. When hiring professionals, you can put your mind at ease because they provide insurance coverage if an accident occurs.

Moving a Piano

Moving Cost Factors

Moving Distance

The average cost associated with moving a piano is dependent mainly on the distance. Flat-rate local moves range from $50 to $60, plus about $3 per loaded mile. For a long-distance move, the average cost for piano transport is around $3-$10 per mile. Hiring a professional company for piano moving may cost around $50.

Piano Type and Size

The size and type of the piano also affect the cost of moving it. Moving a grand piano will cost more than it would to move an upright piano because grand pianos are larger, and the size has a greater bearing on what it costs to transport. A piano’s size and weight play a large role in establishing its cost. Although smaller pianos weigh less than their larger counterparts, they will still require a team of movers to carry them. It would be more economical to hire professionals as there are fixed labor costs and other expenses involved. It costs $200 to $300 to move an upright piano locally. For longer distances, costs will rise to around $600.

Moving a grand piano tends to be pricier than moving other kinds of piano because more people are needed to move it. A move of either a baby grand or concert grand piano can cost $300 to $1,000 depending on the number of factors such as shape and size. The amount will be higher if you are transporting the piano over a longer distance.

Obstacles on Moving Day

If you take your piano up or downstairs, if there are narrow doorways or difficult terrain in the route, hire a moving company – it will be expensive but well justified.

Moving your piano up flights of stairs is the most comprehensive option. Moving companies will normally charge an additional cost of $40 to $100 for every flight of stairs. This fee is approximately $5 to $10 per step. Whether your piano is grand or upright, moving it can be costly. Many factors need to be considered as part of the costs, such as indoor vs. outdoor moves and how far you are moving the piano.

This service can cost you anywhere from $40 – $240. The type of terrain you need to traverse might have an additional cost. You may also be charged a hardship fee if there’s something restricting access like narrow corridors or doorways. Prospective movers should ask about flights of stairs and any other obstacles they might encounter on moving day. Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to get an accurate price.

Other Costs

Mileage fee – The average cost of moving a piano locally is around $1.50 per mile and about $3 per mile for long-distance moves.

Since a piano can be very heavy, dismantling one for transportation involves the use of special equipment. The average fee for piano moving is around $100.

The cost of creating fees is $800.

Additional items (such as benches) that are less than 50 pounds: $20. Additional items that weigh between 51 and 99 pounds: $1 per pound.

The cost of hiring a piano moving company varies depending on the instrument, but insurance for pianos up to $5,000 is typically included in the fee.

The fee for last-minute local moves is $300, while long-distance rush jobs have a fee of $400-$700.

When your piano movers are unable to get to the location within a set time period, you may be liable for additional moving fees of around 40$.

Many piano movers require storage space, and some charge an average of $50 – $75 per month for adequate climate-controlled space.

The cost of tuning your piano after a move can vary from $100 to $150.


In the end, it’s all about weighing your options and deciding what is best for you. The average cost of moving a piano can vary wildly depending on how much work needs to be done, where you are going with it, and whether the price includes any needed repairs afterward.