How to pick the best Murder Mystery Birthday Party Kit?

How many birthdays have you been celebrating and throwing parties for in the past? All of them were more or less amazing but as time passes, it seems like nothing’s as interesting as back then. You’re missing ideas and you don’t know what to prepare to get out of the ordinary boring.

If you have no idea what to do this year, and you’re eager to throw one for your friends and family, then why not think about a murder mystery party. It’s an excellent way to do something out of the pattern and make sure everyone has fun. You as the person who celebrates will enjoy the most seeing how everyone have fun, and the cake will just be the topping of the enjoyment.

What a murder mystery game really is?

If you don’t know what a murder mystery party is, let us explain. It’s a setting for a game in which everyone at the party will have their own character involved in a murder. No one leaves the house until the murderer is found and anyone in the crowd can be that person.

Of course, this is all imaginary, there’s no actual murder. Everyone’s awarder a list of personalities for the character they are playing. The game is best played if everyone’s also dressed as part of the scenario. See more about how this is done on the link.

With tons of ideas and scenarios and hundreds of manufacturers of these kits, it’s hard finding the best one. In the following, we’re talking more about how to locate the ultimate best, and how to make sure you’re going to have the ultimate fun on your birthday. Keep up to see more about this.

1. Look for options online

The first place to look for options is on the internet. There are so many kits and scenarios on the internet that it’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for. Go through the search engines and type in what you’re looking for. You’ll see tons of options coming up.

What is crucial here, is to make sure that you’re looking at sellers and not only ideas. It’s hard to make these games alone. It is much better if you let a professional handle the issue. Let them prepare everything and you just order it up to receive it in your mail or on your doorstep.

These guys who sell these kinds of games are making them perfect. Most are only providing the scenario and let you make your own cards, which is not too hard. Others provide entire kits that are going to let you have everything done and prevent you from creating anything yourself.

2. Read opinions on particular kits

Before ordering anything, it’s best if you learn more about these kits. Have them checked on the internet about online reviews and opinions. See how other people that used them were satisfied by the scenarios and the creation. Not all of these games are the same.

Check how satisfied people were. Read what the main flaws were if there were any. Think about whether these issues bother you and might ruin your birthday. See if there’s something that you don’t like and will prevent you from ordering this kit. If there’s nothing such, then you’ll love it.

One final thing is to check which one of the options are perfect. Some are going to have more positive reviews, and others will have less. Those who enjoy a flawless reputation should be taken into the most serious consideration. Those who had flaws should be left behind.

3. Think about what’s your favorite theme

In the ocean of options, there are so many of them. Different themes and a various number of participants are available out there. It’s your job to think about what the best fit for your needs is. See some popular themes here: https://www.pinterest.com/bridgetteblonqu/murder-mystery-party-ideas/.

If you’re organizing a birthday with 30 people, then you can’t order one that will be for up to 20 people. You need something bigger. At the same time, you need to think about the theme. It’s your birthday, so you should do whatever you feel like will be the most fun for you.

There are all sorts of options. From murders in a mansion 100 years ago, to futurist assassinations in planets far-far away. Different characters will be part of these games and scenarios can be spectacular depending on how well they were written.

4. Order and prepare with time

If you’re ordering an entire kit, it will need time before it arrives. Downloading takes seconds, but ordering through the mail will take time. To make things the most interesting, you should set up the scene. If you’re doing this at home, you need to make one or more rooms to be suitable for the story.

Be aware that you might need more time to locate items and order the preps. That’s why you should spend some time in preparations and setting up the scene if you want to experience the true murder mystery birthday party enjoyment.

5. Make sure you have the right kit for everyone coming to the party

If you decide to throw a party in which everyone will receive a different costume to play, you must make sure that they all have one. If there are lots of people coming, you might ask them to dress in a particular style. If you’re doing a 50s party, then they should come dressed like living in these times.

At the same time, make sure that you have enough cards for everyone. It’s not cool seeing some of them sitting on chairs just watching how others play. This is not really a birthday party atmosphere.


Now you know everything about murder mystery birthday party themes. If you like the idea, follow the steps to find the best kit. Think about what you love, spend some time researching, and be sure that you’re going to have a ton of fun while it lasts.